I overloaded my plate already. During Januaray I wanted to establish all these new routinges and get a head start into my habits for 2021. While this has been a success for some habits this one has taken a hit.
Even though I have not made content, it has been on my mind and these thoughts I wanted to share.

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New release plan
I want to move the release day of a new article to Monday. I think this will be much more condusive to content creation over the weekend. …

With the new year upon us, everyone is sharing their goals and ambitions for it so I thought I would do the same. So this post will be a bit more personal, containing a loose roadmap for the year and a wrap up of the (short) 2020.

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What have I achieved Looking into the short two months of 2020 I am proud to say that I have already reached 100 people. I am glad to see that this subject resonates with people and is able to grab their attention, since I made it a point to not advertise within my…

The publicity and appeal of coding has expanded massively. Being confined in our homes nowadays, we see many online-courses offering a skill upgrade into coding through a bootcamp, lesson series, or online tutorials.
Code is everywhere and we should try and have an understanding of it to continue our series.

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One computer, many languages

A quick online-search for how many programming languages there are yielded the answer that there are about 50 relevant or commonly used languages but throughout the lifetime of code as we know it there have been 9,000+ languages. Each language comes with its own benefit, strengths…

Understanding the basics of how AI works

This week I wanted to describe the general set-up of aritificial intelligence (AI). For a more detailed discussion of the individual parts I believe it is useful to understand how the overall system and processes are intertwined. From here we can take a look into components and theory of AI, while always maintaining an overview of where we are within the AI system.

What are we looking at? In order to have a useful discussion and analysis of AI we first need to understand how it is made up. We are taking a…

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) will bring human dilemma into the realm of machines. If we are to give machines control about making decisions for us, we better make sure they make them in our best interest. This becomes increasingly difficult when we talk about a self-learning machine. How do we teach machines to learn, think and reflect?

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Human and AI Ethics Even though they are supposed to be, ethical decisions are not black and white, or 0 and 1. There is context and abstractions that flow into an ethical decision. Experiences and heuristcs play a big role. While…

Welcome to demistifAI

As any journey in coding starts I want to welcome you to my blog series demistifAI. As the name suggests, this series will focus on the wonders of artificial intelligence (AI).
During these trying times of corona confusion I wanted to shed a bit of light on some aspect of life and teach myself more about this vast topic.
I invite you to come along as we learn and explore more about the ideas, concepts and developments behind anything AI. No doubt AI will be (and already is) a very impactful technology, but can seem daunting to learn.

So let…

Sir Lumpi

A lifelong nerd, gamer and tech enthusiast bringing you weekly bite-sized insights about anything AI. Let’s learn about it together, from square one.

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